~The lions sing and the hills take flight, the moon by day and the sun by night, blind women, deaf man, jackdaw fool, let the lord of choas rule~ Robert Jordan, Lord of Choas, 6th book in the wheel of time series...

Any poetry submissions are welcome. Your favourite poem maybe or some of your own work. You can dedicate them and their layout is up to you.

Funeral blues

by WH Auden, as featured in four weddings and a funeral


a mixture of faceless short poems

The passage of Time

A short poem of epic proportions about the effects of time, by Ryan Rempel


A beautiful and reflective poem

Magic Violin

A stirring poem by Nikolay Gumilev and translated by Serge Makedon

Christina Collection

20 short and empathic poems by Christina

From Me to You

A touching poem with a message of hope

Listen to Feel the Air

A short poem with lots of impact by Robert Appleton

A selection of Poetry by Cheryl Roynon

A selection of very dramatic and well written poetry by Cheryl Roynon. Some very different styles here and all great!

Found In You

By Silverspirit to her knight in shining armour. A beautiful and loving poem.

Through My Eyes and Twent-two an' Sixth

Two submitted songs, written by Dr9 on the Album 'Its just the way it is'. Some strong language.


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